Before you purchase colored gemstones It is important for a dealer to ensure that they prove to you that the stone is authentic. Every dealer that you will come across will claim that they are selling natural gemstones and most of them cannot be trusted.   A dealer that has been doing this job for quite some time they usually know how important it is for them to have a certificate that has been issued by a gemological lab because this is what they show their clients as proof of how authentic their gemstones are.  So that we don't end up losing your money by buying fake stones make sure that you tell the dealer to send to you a copy of the Certificate which proof that the stones have been tested, and they are genuine.  Many people like insuring their jewelry and if you are planning to do so you have to note that you can only insure a jewelry if it's real. To learn more, click here.

Nowadays, finding a navaratna stone dealer is so much easier because they do have their own websites whereby they sell these stones.  Don't buy the Stones without doing a little bit of research about the dealer so that you can be confident that you are buying gemstones that are real and from a genuine dealer. You can easily get this information about the type of repetition that the dealer has by checking the reviews that they have from the previous clients on the authenticity of the stones.  This will help you have a peace of mind because you will be certain that the gemstone that you are purchasing is genuine and it's worth the money that you are paying for.

  When you are looking for information about the dealer make sure that you have an idea as to how long they have been selling gemstones.  This industry is usually very competitive, and people prefer dealing with vendors who sell genuine jewelry therefore if a vendor does not sell authentic gemstones they will definitely shut down their business within a few months.  Keep in mind that if you find a dealer that has been active for a good number of years you can never regret this decision because they are known to have built strong brands, gathered so many clients and this is the reason as to why they are still active in the industry.  Another thing that you need to check is the price that they charge for the gemstones, keep in mind that the charges will vary a lot depending on the type of stone. Different dealers charge differently and at the end of the day you can always find a gemstone site whose prices are a bit reasonable and you can afford to buy the stone that you want without going broke.  Find out more at